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Journey Through Our History A Timeline of Our Milestones

Our History


KSR Freight Forwarders is established with a goal of providing exceptional customer service. The company starts with just 15 employees but has a vision for growth and expansion.


KSR Freight Forwarders opens its first office in Tuticorin, followed by offices in Bangalore in 1998. The company starts operating exclusively as an air freight company, building a reputation for timely and reliable delivery.
Recognizing the need for end-to-end logistics solutions, KSR Freight Forwarders enters the trucking business in 1999 and Ocean Freight Services in 2000, expanding its services to meet the needs of its growing customer base and expands into Mumbai in 2000.


KSR Freight Forwarders continues to expand its network, opening offices in Kolkata.


KSR Freight Forwarders further expands its network with the opening of offices in Vizag and Hyderabad in 2007. In 2008, the company opens its first warehouse, allowing it to offer storage and distribution services in addition to its transportation offerings. In 2010, KSR expands its warehousing footprint into Mumbai.


KSR Freight Forwarders expands into Delhi, establishing an office in the nation's capital. In 2013, the company opens a warehouse in Delhi, giving it the ability to provide storage and distribution services in one of India's largest and busiest cities. In 2015 KSR Freight Forwarders further expands its reach, opening an office in Petrapole.


The company establishes itself as a global player, opening offices in Bangladesh in 2018 and Sri Lanka in 2019.


Today, KSR Freight Forwarders is a market leader in logistics services, with end-to-end solutions and a global network. The company operates a trucking network of over 150 trucks and employs over 540 people, delivering on its founder's vision of exceptional customer service and driving growth and advancement in the industry.